Christian Aid Week 2015

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This year’s Christian Aid Collection raised a total of  £6387 (plus GiftAid where applicable). The collection at Southfields Tube Station made £609.67. Thank you to all collectors and donors.

10 Commandments for Renewal of the Church

as presented by Sam Wells, the Vicar of St Martin’s in the Fields at a panel discussion on April 20th Are We Still Any Use? Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Church Today

1. Thou shalt be theological.
2. Thou shalt be about Jesus.
3. Thou shalt be ecumenical.
4. Thou shalt be international.
5. Thou shalt be politically engaged.
6. Thou shalt root thy life in an accountable community that prays too.
7. Thou shouldn’t be afraid to face danger.
8. Thou shalt not expect thy life to be a tidy edifice of perfection.
9. Thou shalt not expect immediate success.
10.Thou shalt assume renewal takes the shape of cross and resurrection.