Jack Hodges RIP

Jack Hodges died suddenly and unexpectedly in his sleep towards the end of the week beginning January 11.

The Revd Peter Kettle who was taking the services the Sunday following said about Jack:

“Two things have occurred to me this morning following Jack’s death. The first is that a few years ago, he was mentioned in the Church Times, in the diary column of the Reverend John Pridmore, a friend of John and Anne Townsend. John Pridmore had, I think, been to preach here and heard Jack reading and had been literally stunned by it. He thought we were a very lucky parish, and indeed you have been blessed by this gift of Jack’s. … And then, a little incident before the 8am service this morning. For many years, Jack has opened up the church and been there to have everything ready especially for visiting clergy like myself unused to the nitty-gritty of ministering here. Of late, we have been taking precautions against Jack’s increasing frailty, to ensure that things run smoothly. Thus yesterday morning, Felicity brought me the keys to the church to open up, and told me how to adjust your byzantine heating system. What we had forgotten to arrange was where the light switches are, so I spent a good few minutes fumbling round in the dark to find them. Then I realised I couldn’t find the matches to light the altar candles, and was facing the irony of taking the service without them – a sign, perhaps that one of the lights of the congregation of that service, in Jack, had gone out. Fortunately I did locate the matches just in time, and it reminded me of a greater truth. As the preface to the King’s festival of lessons and carols reminds us, we remember those who rejoice with us, but on another shore, and in a greater light, those…whose hope was in the Word made flesh and with whom in the Lord Jesus we are one for evermore.

And so with Jack; after some years of increasing bodily frailty, may he now rest in peace and rise in glory into that greater light.”


Paris January 7th, 2015


Again the shots ring out:
this time on a quiet street
on a winter morning, in Paris.

But it could be my street,
your street, a friend’s son.

For is it not a war amidst technology -
endless death amidst tower blocks,
distant sand dunes and in the air?

And none of us clearly know
its causes, although we guess
or think we know,
because it’s about both guns and souls.

The soul of God, and the souls of people;
and sometimes we have forgotten
the depth of the soul and its hopes.

So sorrow and the heart’s longings mix
on this January night
as we light the candles
and France weeps.

Peter Millar, Edinburgh

Carols for CRISIS

Crisis LogoCarol singing at Southfields Tube Station on Monday 15th December 2014 between 6 and 7pm raised £125.64 Carol singing in the Southfields Garden area on Tuesday 16th December raised £220.99 and CHF0.20 .

We’ve since received another £107, making a total of £453.54 for CRISIS.

Thank you to all who gave money and to the singers.